A Second Appeal must be made within 90 days from the date on which the decision should have been made or from the date a decision was actually received. It is sometimes possible to submit Second Appeal after this 90 day period, provided that Information Commission allows it. If the commission is satisfied that you could not file the appeal in time because of some unavoidable reasons like you were travelling for work etc.
There is no specified time limit for the Information Commission to decide on an appeal.
If Information Commission decides that your appeal was justified, they will give you their decision in writing. Powers of the Information Commission are: (a) The Commission may order the responsible officer to do their duty under RTI Act and give you the access to the information you are looking for. The public authority might get orders to give the information in a different form or even your fees might be reduced; (b) They can also give the order to the public authority to compensate you for any loss(mental, physical) you may have suffered in the process; (c) They can impose penalties on PIO or any other official who failed to execute their duties under the RTI Act.
If the Information Commission decides that your case does not hold sufficient ground, it will reject your appeal. In either case, the Commission will give notice of its decision to you and the public authority -- both the involved parties
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